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Coastal Salmon Blend

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Wild caught Pacific salmon, whole grain rice, and farm fresh eggs make up our Coastal Salmon Blend. This is an excellent option for transitioning from dry kibble, or for the salmon loving dogs out there.

This recipe consists of 70% Pacific Salmon, 15% Whole Egg and 15% Whole Grain Rice

Nutritional Breakdown (dry matter basis):

Protein: 54.2%

Fat: 23.1%

Ash: 11.2%

Calcium: 9.8%

Portions are served in 1/3lb frozen pucks, packed in either 8 or 20lb boxes (10"x10"x5" or 10"x10"x10" in dimension, respectively).

Wondering how much to feed? Check out our helpful fact sheet here. Pickup or delivery option will be presented at checkout!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Donna Reid

Always excellent!
Trying the new pork and not quite sure if my GSD is digesting it well.. will monitor over the next few days..

Cathy Woffenden

This fantastic for pets with allergies

Ruth Williams
Salmon coastal blend

Dogs love it!

Gudrun Heckerott
Cats hate it; dogs gobble it

So far my cats only touch about 25% of the choices. Good thing I have dogs!

Myrna Muska
Coastal Salmon Blend

The important thing is that the dogs love it. I have a few of different ages, breeds and degree of pickiness and there is never a problem at dinner time.