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Coastal Deluxe Sampler

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Not sure which raw diet to feed your dog? Grab one of our sampler boxes and give our popular blends a try! Every sampler box's weight is split between our Coastal Beef Deluxe, Pork Deluxe, Lamb Deluxe, and Duck Deluxe, with equal amounts of each.

Coastal Beef Deluxe:

55% Canadian Beef, 15% Organ Meat (heart, liver, kidney), 15% Green Beef Tripe, 10% Calf Bone, and 5% Spinach & Carrots

Coastal Pork Deluxe:

70% Pork, 20% Pork Organ (Liver, Heart, Kidney), 5% Apples, 5% Spinach

Coastal Lamb Deluxe:

60% Lamb (10% Lamb Liver), 20% Canadian Beef, 10% Green Beef Tripe, 5% Beef Bone, 5% Spinach & Carrots

Coastal Duck Deluxe:

90% Bone-in Duck, 5% Blueberries, 5% Green Kale, and Apple Cider Vinegar

Portions are served in 1/3lb frozen pucks, packed in either 8 or 20lb boxes (10"x10"x5" or 10"x10"x10" in dimension, respectively).

Wondering how much to feed? Check out our helpful fact sheet here. Pickup or delivery option will be presented at checkout!

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Dogs love it!

Dogs love it and the size is perfect so we aren’t chopping bricks into meal portions