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Coastal Beef Deluxe Blend

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This product is for the 4-legged beef lovers out there, as we combine all the tastiest and nutritious components of our BC Beef into this well-rounded blend. A perfect mix of muscle meat with the added benefits of green tripe, high value organ meat, ground-in calf bone, and topped off with spinach and carrots.

This recipe consists of 55% Canadian Beef, 15% Organ Meat (heart, liver, kidney), 15% Green Beef Tripe, 10% Calf Bone, and 5% Spinach & Carrots

Nutritional Breakdown (Dry Matter Basis):

Protein: 62.96%

Fat: 32.75%

Calcium: 6.30%

Portions are served in 1/3lb frozen pucks, packed in either 8 or 20lb boxes (10"x10"x5" or 10"x10"x10" in dimension, respectively).

Wondering how much to feed? Check out our helpful fact sheet here. Pickup or delivery option will be presented at checkout!

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Super fresh, my dog really likes it.

Alex Gendron
Great raw dog food

Our two Jack Russells used to dally with their kibble. Guess what? We feed twice a day and when it meal time, their portion in consumed in a matter of seconds. Of course, they have to lick each other’s dish out to make sure there isn’t a spec left. They have had only Deluxe beef, lamb and turkey. They really like the “Beef “. We didn’t expect any side effects and to date only experienced improvements. Less poop, so absorption is vastly improved. We are going to feed kibble sparingly, so we can accommodate short stays at boarding kennels when we need to be away for something. I think going raw was a good thing for our fur family. Thanks Coastal Raw! I chose your product from a short taste test with other products.

Robert Anderson
Raw food for new puppy

Very happy with Coastal Raw, they were great at accommodating a pick up of my order when they didn't deliver to my area. Will be definitely be ordering again. Thank you Coastal Raw.

Kim Jury
Highly recommend Coastal Raw!

This is my first time trying raw and so far my Boston Terrier is loving the Coastal Beef Deluxe blend and has had no issues transitioning. The pucks make feeding so easy and I appreciate knowing his nutritional needs are being met. Service was great as well when I got in touch at the last minute to pick up my order. I appreciate having this service available!

Darcie Degner
The Big Goof Loves It!

We have tried other blends but I had to doctor them up so the boy would eat. He loves this one! And an added bonus, no tummy troubles since we switched to raw! Yay!