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Coastal Blend Sampler

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Not sure which raw diet to feed your dog? Grab one of our sampler boxes and give our popular blends a try! Every sampler box's weight is split between our Coastal Beef, Chicken, Salmon and Turkey blends, with equal amounts of each.

Coastal Beef Blend:

This recipe consists of 55% Canadian Beef (10% high-value beef heart, liver and kidney organ meats), 30% Pacific Wild Salmon, and 15% Whole Egg

Coastal Salmon Blend:

This recipe consists of 70% Wild Pacific Salmon, 15% Whole Eggs, and 15% Wild Brown Rice

Coastal Chicken Blend:

This recipe consists of 55% Bone-In Chicken (10% high-value chicken heart, liver and kidney organ meat), 30% Wild Pacific Salmon, and 15% Whole Egg

Coastal Turkey & Veggies Blend:

This recipe consists of 45% Bone-In Turkey, 30% Canadian Beef (includes high-value beef heart, liver and kidney organ meats), 15% Whole Egg and 10% Spinach, Carrots, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Portions are served in 1/3lb frozen pucks, packed in either 8 or 20lb boxes (10"x10"x5" or 10"x10"x10" in dimension, respectively).

Wondering how much to feed? Check out our helpful fact sheet here. Pickup or delivery option will be presented at checkout!

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

Dog loves it

Clayton terjesen
Amazing 🤩

Our French bulldog and pocket bully both
Love all the protein varieties so much ! The pucks are so convenient! Happy healthy puppies

Kathleen Reilly

Tila seems to like all the flavors but salmon. We are still transitioning him off his puppy kibble. He is definitely pooping less....a good indicator that his body is absorbing the nutrients and that there are no fillers.

Heather O’Donnell
Excellent service

From my order to the delivery everything was handled so well.
Will definitely order again.

Julie Raddysh
Great Raw and Wonderful Team

I love Coastal Raw. The serving sizes are easy to gauge and the quality if top notch. Thank you for being so accommodating too!