About Coastal Raw

Coastal Raw is a locally owned and operated small business supplying affordable, high quality raw diets to pets all over Vancouver Island and beyond. We utilize fresh, locally sourced ingredients guaranteed to be free from preservatives, antibiotics, unwanted by-product, or hormones. We believe that achieving optimal long term health starts with the dog bowl. Our goal is to convert as many pets to a raw/fresh diet as possible, and we are doing that by offering quality raw food options at a competitive price, conveniently delivered right to your door.

Coastal Raw operates at the local scale, which means ingredients are sourced from right here in British Columbia, and connections are built within the communities we serve. We have the luxury of knowing exactly what goes into our products, ensuring our ability to make some of the best raw dog food in Canada. 

Our products are made utilizing a small batch process, ensuring freshness in every meal. Each batch of raw food is carefully crafted in a federally inspected (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) commercial kitchen, specialized in the production of raw pet food, one of the only kitchens of it's nature in Western Canada.

We are committed and invested in what we do, and aim to continue serving the wonderful communities of Vancouver Island for years to come. The best possible thing you can do for the health and wellbeing of your pet is to feed them a raw diet that is derived from quality and humanely sourced ingredients. We are doing just that, and will continue to spread our message until raw food is a staple in all pet households.